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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Wasting time

I finished work early today and came home with the knowledge that I should get busy and do some paperwork that has to be finished before Monday. I really knew that if I'd gone up to the office it would have been done, but I persuaded myself that I was a bit tired and I'd be far more comfortable doing what I had to do from home.

Unfortunately, there was a free computer and no husband in sight, so I started roaming and except for a minimal bit of meal preparation (a meal I can do without thinking about it), I've been here ever since.

It's not my fault my husband is the secretary for two groups and seems to spend interminable time clogging up the computer with very worthy, but rather boring usage. When I see a chance to browse, I grab it, 'cause it may not come for a few more days.

I actually have every sympathy for my husband, because I'm the secretary for a group myself and I often think this has to be the most futile thing I could be doing with my time. Does anyone ever read minutes? I know I only usually give other people's minutes a quick scan and it's usually the spelling mistakes that jump out at me. Very petty of me, I know, so I'd better watch my p's and q's here!

For my sins, there was one dismal period when I was the secretary for four different groups. Two of them, luckily, were very small groups and didn't usually require a whole lot of work other than minute taking and a bit of phoning around. The other two groups required somewhat more.

I always think it's the mark of a truly desperate group when they're forced to take me for a secretary. I'm certainly not the most organised person in the world by a long shot and I tend to do things out of a sense of duty, not out of a blazing enthusiasm for the job. I've been in groups with these sterling individuals and it sure makes a difference to the group and the work that gets done as well.

Only thing is that volunteer organisations don't tend to get a lot of participants any more, so the field to choose from is very limited. I wonder if it was the same in the past, or how far past you'd actually have to go to find interested parents actively working in these groups?


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