thief of time

Saturday, May 01, 2004


What is there about getting together with a large group of friends and acquaintances in a party situation that leads many people to think that everyone in the neighbourhood would truly enjoy a generous taste of said party from the comfort of their own homes?

Now, maybe I live in the wrong neighbourhood, but I've hardly ever heard anyone's musical selection that made me think, as I laid in bed, "Gee, this is great. Now I have something decent to listen to as I try to get to sleep".

Jungle drums are truly not something you want to have to listen to for extended periods of time. Even if they're not badly done, for some reason they tend to be very repetetive. After all, even if you're sharing everything with the neighbours free of charge, I think we non party people do deserve a more professional attitude on the party goers part. After all, we're usually not caught up in the moment, so we're likely to be a bit more discerning about what's on offer.

I guess we're just lucky our neighbours only do this a few times a year and we're truly lucky that we're not right next door, plus--no babies to try and get to sleep! I knew there'd be a silver lining somewhere, if I just thought long enough. Of course, I'm afraid the mental processess are not working at anywhere near peak efficiency. The drumming and wailing have set themselves up so they're derailing the old train of thought.

Never mind, It can't last forever. Can it?


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