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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

More thoughts on aliens

I was thinking a bit more about what I wrote yesterday on the disassociation I felt towards the characters in the series on Charles II and realise I’m probably being a bit harsh towards an entire time in history, because when I think about it, there are lots of other areas that are equally incomprehensible.

I hope that some day I’ll have the reassurance that the Jerry Springer show is totally scripted and acted by very distasteful, but imaginary people. As characters, they're beyond belief and very alien.

There are the revolting revelations that seem to come out about the rugby league players every few days on their behaviour and their attitudes towards women. Just when you think that they’ll have learned their lesson and will keep their heads down, out comes another idiotic statement or story.

Then, when you think about troops that are supposed to be defending democracy and leading a chaotic country to a better way of life and the way they treat powerless prisoners, you wonder who wrote that script.

Maybe as a middle class adult who associates with other middle class adults who have similar ideas, it comes as a complete shock when the façade that is supposed to be covering our civilisation cracks and shows things for the way they could be if we don’t keep the lid on.

How long has it been since we were in the playground and it was the law of the jungle, with everyone keeping an eye out for the teachers? Do we forget the bullies and the pecking system where you hoped you weren’t poor, or different or weak in an identifiable way, so that the powerful kids couldn’t have fun at your expense? Kids always picked on other kids, treated lesser kids with a total lack of respect.

Guess it had better be up to the adults to keep an eye on things and hope that by being alert and not allowing things to slide by, we really will have a society and citizens we can be proud of.


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