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Sunday, May 02, 2004


Have just spent a few hours wandering around in the Blogverse, following links to other people's blog favourites and I am totally overwhelmed by what's out there. The quality ranges from fantastic to definitely unfantastic. I've done this before, but usually just go to a couple before getting down to business.

How in heaven's name to people keep up with all the blog sites they've listed? Even if only a fraction of the sites are updated regularly, it must be a mammoth task to keep on top of it all.

I'm speaking as a reader here--a compulsive reader. There is nothing I'd rather do than read and I've spent most of my life doing so. I always have a book (sometimes two or three on the go--don't want to be caught somewhere without something to read after all).

Right now, I'm suffering from reading overload. Not only is there a pile of books beside my bed that I'm falling behind with, there are also newspapers (my son has to subscribe to a daily paper for one of his highschool courses), there's AvantGo on my PDA, there's simple browsing about on the Web, and now there are all these very involving blogs to keep up with.

Maybe is would have been easier to have lived in a simpler time, when you just would have had to keep waiting for the latest Dickens' blockbuster, and then you could have had the illusion of keeping on top of it all.


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