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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Early Mornings

I’m a morning person and have been most of my life. At different times of my life, that’s meant different things, but generally I tend to get up earlier in the morning than people do on average, unless they're forced to(6 is my natural wake up time, even if I may not get up for a little bit after that) and I tend to fade in the evening, out like a light between ten and eleven, unless something keeps me up.

My daughter has just started working an early shift and has to be at work by 6, so in theory, my husband or I can take her there and then climb back into bed for a little bit of extra shuteye. That’s the theory anyways, and it seems to work fine for my husband.

Today, being my day off, it seemed natural that I do the duty, especially since I don’t want my husband to fall asleep when he’s taping Angel for me tonight, just in case I can’t make it, which often happens.

I got back home just after 6 and then realised I should put on a load of wash while I was at it and make the lunches, giving my son a call, as he had to be at school early. By the time that was finished, I was truly awake and decided I might as well get a move on the day and I’ve been at it ever since.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you get up in the morning. This almost feels like the time the children were young and used to wake up at 4 or 4:30 and be up for the day. I used to get loads of washing done and I’d bake up a storm and even prepare meals that I had to look up recipes for, instead of the same old, same old that I know off by heart.

It would be great if my enthusiasm holds up, because I’d love to get a bit more into the stuff I used to enjoy about housework, instead of the deadly, daily, boring grind. I might even get up enough enthusiasm to attack my son’s and daughter’s rooms with a shovel and wheelbarrow. Nothing like a bit of cleaning frenzy to get the blood flowing.


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