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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Getting Sorted Out

Sometimes it’s great not having to be on the go all the time.  It doesn’t happen very often anymore, but because I didn’t have to go to work and was stuck at home for the morning all by myself, I managed the whole housewifely thing today. 

I did a load of wash, baked a loaf of bread (cheated and used the bread machine), made a caramel pudding for tonight’s dinner, made a jam roll just for the heck of it and topped it all off by doing sustained ironing, which doesn’t get done by me very often any more, as my husband will testify.  Never mind.  I believe in promoting male independence.  Men shouldn’t have to depend on someone else to do something they’re perfectly capable of doing for themselves.  It makes them better, stronger people.

Anyways, I mentioned to my daughter that I’d gotten half way down the ironing basket for once when she went into the laundry, hauled out the basket and ruthlessly and egregiously culled the clothing remaining.  Some of it was poor, hapless summer clothing that it would be senseless ironing at this time of the year, but other things, I have to admit may have seen better days, or I don’t often wear because I don’t quite care for them but hate the thoughts of tossing out.  Other things, she threw out because she said they were revolting and shouldn’t see the light of day. 

I just know I’m going to regret this fiercely.  For the next six to eight months, I'll be looking haplessly about for some of the bright, happy shirts that I used to wear, but I just won’t be able to locate for some reason or the other.  I’ll be wondering—now was that one that got the toss, or has it just gone missing, the way things do at times in this household.

I wonder what it’s like to be organised?


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