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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Missing you

Being a single parent is probably not the most ideal way to live if you can do otherwise, so having to do without your spouse for a short period of time really makes you appreciate them. They can do a lot of the important things, like take the garbage down, investigate strange noises, and listen to you as you sound off about work or kids.
My husband was away on business this week and flew back home tonight. Now having him quietly snoring on the lounge across the room, it's like he was never away. It looks like it must have been a tough week. I know it was for me!
But I ask you, what's the good of having him home if he's going to drop off in the living room like this? I may be forced to do the same in self defense, because I know I have more staying power and that he'll have to wake up much sooner than me, stumble off to bed and do his duty, which is warm the nuptial bed. After all, winter in Sydney requires a fair bit of staying power and it’s not as if we have central heating, so if he thinks I’m going to leave this nice heated living room by myself, he has another think coming.
Love you, honey, honest!


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