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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Presenting the Right Image

I passed by McDonald’s today to grab a quick cup of coffee on my way to work, and as I popped in, I noticed a man sitting on the outside bench looking rather annoyed.

On the way back out, I noticed him looking at his watch and looking even more annoyed and more than just a little bit impatient. “Oh, oh”, I thought. “Someone’s going to cop it.”

That’s when I noticed where he was sitting. It was the Ronald McDonald bench, and Ronald was sitting beside the man, with arm passed companionably along the back of the bench, just behind the increasingly cranky man.

It tends to ruin the image of self-righteous indignation when you’re sitting beside an eight foot tall, brightly-coloured, smiling clown. One needs to be taken seriously when one is on the high moral ground.

Maybe I should have warned him to find a different seat, just to avoid the chance of ridicule when his long lost rendezvous finally showed up. I know if it was me, I sure wouldn’t have been able to avoid making fun of someone presenting themselves to me as such an open target.

I'm afraid I have a very cruel nature.


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