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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Stories from the Past

We can sure learn a lot from people that lived generations before us, if we stop and listen. We can also catch glimpses of a world that is long gone and often spoken of very nostalgically.

I was chatting to a lady I know who grew up in Europe before the Second World War. She mentioned living quite close to a market in her youth and how she always avoided one side of the market because that’s where they sold pigeons. I was expecting a typical childhood reaction to their killing, but when she told me how they did it, I was absolutely horrified.

Apparently they inserted a funnel into their brain and poured boiling water into it. She said they also used to kill frogs the same way at another spot in the market.

The things we do to “lesser” creatures is quite horrifying.

I certainly hope this doesn’t still go on, but it makes you wonder what other things may go on behind our backs nowadays that we don’t know about. Then there are the things that we carefully ignore, like battery hens.

I guess we can justify just about anything.


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