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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Resumes, or Who in the World is That?

I recently had occasion to dig out a couple of old resumes, dust them off and combine and update them to use for a job application.

I looked at them as I revised and nodded, remembering as though it were for another person—someone I knew long ago and had known quite well, but had rather fallen out of touch with. I was quite surprised at the number of things this person was involved with at one time and I wondered how she ever had the time to get so caught up in so many different directions.

Then I came to the application proper, with criteria to fullfil--“what you bring to the position”, “what attracts you to this position”, “what skills do you possess”, “proficiencies in this”, “abilities in that”, etc., etc., etc.

After typing furiously for quite some time and going to bed exhausted, I got up the next day and read what I put down in the fever of creation and I wondered who on earth this faker was. They’re obviously someone of extremely dubious character and must be grossly exaggerating everything they’ve written down.

I don’t think I’d give them a look in.


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