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Monday, October 11, 2004


I’m back to normal at work this week, after two weeks of filling in at the office and it sure feels good.

The first week and a half I spent in a mild panic, feeling like I was treading water all the time. This only becomes significant when I tell you that I actually don’t know how to swim.

I thought that I would go into work and know what I was going to do on the day, but it certainly didn’t happen like that. All it took were a few minor disasters and customer problems to deal with and everything got put on hold. It’s sort of like the Yes Minister episode where the hospital worked much better not having to deal with patients.

The last few days of my time in the office, things quieted down and I was actually able to catch up on the things I had planned to do, so that I didn’t leave a massive out-of-control pile of “to-dos” for the person I was filling in for—at least I don’t think I did. She may have another opinion entirely.

An experience like that certainly makes you appreciate more what the other half has to do. I knew the staff at the office didn’t have an easy job of it, but I hadn’t realised how tedious dealing with some of the petty little details could be.

It’s probably a dangerous job for me, as I arrived for work early, left late and often carried on through lunch unless dragged away. I tend to get a bit obsessive compulsive sometimes, though I suppose that would wear off a bit once I was sure of what in the world I was doing.

Never mind, back to the field and freedom and no more staring for hours at the computer screen (except for pleasure, of course).


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