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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Birthday Celebrations

We’ve just come back from an all too rare family outing--our daughter’s pre-birthday party. She’s supposed to be an adult now. Hmm.

We thought it might be too cruel to make her wait till next weekend, after the event, so allowed her to have her day today. This goes much against my grain. I always feel that waiting for things is better than pre-empting events, but my daughter is exactly the opposite and still rails against the fact that a few years ago I made her wait two extra days for her birthday because it fell just before a major exam. I am a very cruel mother.

We had a hard time deciding on a restaurant, as we found a restaurant rating site on the net and so many of the spots to which we were thinking of going had people writing about crook food, or extremely mediocre food, or horror of horrors—snobbish, superior waiting staff. It would be very daunting to go out for a pleasant Sunday afternoon and having the staff sneering at you. It would sort of take the edge off the day. (I wonder if the owners of restaurants around the city take note of sites like this. If enough people have the same perception, it might be worth their while to take a good hard look at the problem. I certainly don’t accept the “customer is always right” philosophy, since there can be some very disgruntled, easily upset people out there, but a number of people expressing similar ideas might definitely mean there’s something behind their complaints.)

At any rate, after being totally baffled by this restaurant reviewing site, we finally decided on Banjo Patterson Cottage, basing our decision on the fact that the view would be lovely, I actually knew someone that had had a very good meal there recently and I remembered hearing someone else mention it positively and, in addition, it was practically local—so you see, all good logical reasons.

It was a good decision. Everyone seemed to have a great time—the food was good, the staff friendly and accommodating and the stories only mildly embarrassing for our daughter, though I did hear a couple of eyebrow-raisers about a few things that went on in primary that I’d never heard before. It’s always best to keep the parents in the dark apparently and then let us in on things ten years later, when we’re older and weaker and more liable to heart attacks. I suppose we’ll hear the stories from high school in another ten years.

Unfortunately, my daughter received several CDs from her friends for her birthday, so we were treated to a cacophony of sound when we got back home, but at least the day had been pleasant up till then. Maybe what she really needed for her birthday was a sound-proofed bedroom, set up in the garage!


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