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Friday, November 12, 2004

Getting Rid of a Nuisance?

It’s not always nice living in a big city. I left home very early this morning and as I backed up, I noticed there was a dead magpie in our yard near the garden.

As I backed further down the drive, I noticed that our neighbour had five or six apparently dead magpies in her front yard. My husband told me that one of them, or possibly two, got up and flew away a little later. I’ll have to ask our neighbour, when I spot her on the weekend, how many had actually died. There was one dead, at least, because my husband buried the poor thing.

I suppose it’s possible that they all got zapped last night in the big storm, but the lightening sounded rather far away to me, so the only thing I can think is that either deliberately or accidentally these birds were poisoned.

Now, even though I was chased down the street by a belligerent magpie with malignant intent once, the thoughts of poisoning one of these beautiful birds is really disgusting, though I do have to confess that I did feel like belting that specific magpie. To me they’re every bit as Australian as a kookaburra—perhaps more so, because I tend to hear their song far more often than I do a kookaburra.

I wonder if we have an ill person in the neighbourhood? It’s awfully easy to hide in the big city.


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