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Monday, November 22, 2004


My daughter has a friend who is getting married shortly. When did children start getting married so young?

Nevermind. It’s happening and my daughter, as usual, is getting things done at the last minute.

I knew the wedding was coming up in awhile, but in my mind it was a good while away and I nearly had a fit when I discovered there were only two weeks to go and she hadn’t even bought a wedding present, though she’d been to Myers twice and picked up the list at two widely differing times.

Well, one advantage of waiting till all the good things are picked over is that there’s very little to choose from and since this was one of the reasons she hadn’t made a decision before, it totally did away with any excuse for not making the choice this time. Not only did we get the wedding present, but we got something for the kitchen tea she’d been to and for which she hadn’t bought a present. (The whole group of friends are mostly all the same, thank goodness. It’s nothing for them to give birthday presents months after the event, so the late kitchen tea present would have been quite natural—I hope.)

The weekend before the big day, we spent looking for something to wear. Naturally, it turned out that the only dress she liked was missing part of it, but that there was another dress just like it in Canberra—which should get back to Sydney by the middle of the week, or Thursday at the latest.

Then we had to get shoes to match the non-existent dress, which when she got home were too slippery when she actually wore them with hose, so it was out again today to find shoes that were actually strapped to her feet properly. I’m glad I’ve just started a week of holidays!

I’ve told her that when her time comes I’d actually prefer it if she elopes, because if it takes this much effort to get her organised to simply attend a friend’s wedding, it will drive me crazy to try and get things done on time when she’s the main protagonist.


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