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Monday, November 01, 2004

Working Full Time

I’ve been very fortunate through my married life to only have had to work part time. I guess I come from another generation. I probably actually came from my parents’ generation, when I think about it, because it’s likely there aren’t many people of my age that have been able to do that. I worked full time before I was married, of course, but not having a family to run makes it an entirely different affair.

There was quite a good-sized group of us that had children going though the local primary school together fifteen odd years ago, none of us fabulously wealthy (especially me), but we all had taken time out from working to raise the children and even then, I think we all realised how lucky we were.

Then, as the children got older, working started to take over for some of us, but I still was very lucky to be at home a great deal of the time for the kids. We certainly could have used the money and still could use it, as our house is held together with sticky tape and blu-tack in spots—you probably think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not entirely. : (

Just recently, I was hit by a taste of full time work and now I don’t know how anybody manages to work full time and still have a life. I was filling in at the office for two weeks a while ago and have just spent another couple of days there this past week and I feel like a zombie.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it were an eight hour day, but it has a tendency to be a nine hour day or more, minus lunch breaks (sandwich eaten absentmindedly at the computer, while straightening out programs). Work can certainly take over in a very insidious way and to heck with the family.

Another major disadvantage to this office work is that I’m certainly conscious of the lack of physical activity. I guess it would be a good test of whether it’s metabolism or activity that maintains my weight, but I’d rather keep on the move, just in case. It’s better things stay off, than have to be removed.

Of course, it might be the mild panic of not knowing one hundred percent what I’m doing that’s making this so exhausting, but I’m looking forward to getting back in the field again tomorrow.

By the way, this doesn’t explain why I’m still sitting in front of a computer at this hour of the night. No brains, I guess.


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