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Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Joys of Motherhood

What good are children anyways? You raise them to follow certain standards, like responsibility and hard work, and they take off on music tours at every opportunity, leaving their poor, old grey-haired mothers to do their paper rounds.

This lack of seriousness about his work has happened before too. My son has even used the excuse that he was doing an HSC exam on a Wednesday and thought that getting up for a 4:30 am round of delivery might interfere with his alertness during the exam. What a slacker.

It probably wouldn’t have been quite so bad if it hadn’t been for the fact that Tuesday was a day from the nether regions and the evening not much better. It was impossible to sleep well that night so, as a consequence, I slept till 6. I sure paid for that sleep-in. By the time I finished just after 8 o’clock, I felt like I’d been through a sauna, not one where you go to enjoy yourself (though I’ve never cared for the experience myself), but one where you have to do an unreasonable amount of work at the same time as experience melt-down.

Gee, I love Sydney summers. It makes me fancy a quick trip “Up Over” for a few months—say till March. I wouldn’t mind a bit of snow and ice for awhile, if this is what the rest of our summer is going to be like.


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