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Friday, December 31, 2004

Keeping in Touch

This is definitely the time of year to get caught up on things. I write to people I haven’t heard from since the year before and there are occasionally a few moments to myself to straighten up my mess around the edges.

This year my corresponding was a bit worse than normal. It’s been getting quite bad for the past while, but this year I surpassed myself in the fine art of procrastination.

I arrived at the last week before Christmas and just sent off all my Australian cards en masse, while my overseas mail was written almost assembly line fashion. It wasn’t quite the dreaded form letter, but it certainly started to approach it in certain aspects, which happens when you write letters so closely together—you tend to repeat yourself with the details that you think might be generally interesting, adapting bits and pieces to suit the recipient.

About five people I didn’t even try to write to—I always reckon that if Christmas mail arrives between Christmas and New Year, you’ve at least made a stab in the right direction, but there wasn’t any hope of that at all, as these were all people to whom I try to write a decent length of a letter. Luckily, these are all people that can get email, and luckily I don’t get massive writer’s cramp doing a bit of typing. Some nights, after a heavy longhand writing session, I can hardly undo my fingers.

So, I did it again for another year—except for that pesky letter writer I forgot to send to, whose letter arrived a couple of days ago. Darn people. Can’t they get themselves organised and get their letters away in time to show that they at least made the effort? Now it looks as though I’ve forgotten her.

I really have to try and do better next year.


  • Happy Chrissie, Bee. Now that it's weeks after the fact, I feel I can start saying that with a fine sense of irony. My rule, up until two years ago when we moved here, has always been: no cards; what, we're going to see all the ones we like near enough to the date anyway. Now the rule has to be: cards must include an egregiously cute animal photo, preferably something sacreligious, like dogs in the manger.

    By Blogger Gregory, at January 12, 2005 at 4:04 p.m.  

  • We have a different rule in our family. I'm afraid my husband's family only rates a card, because that's all we get from them, but my family and friends get a letter with the card, which puts a big strain on my conscience as we start getting into November, pass on through and then hit December. I'm glad my side are better correspondents than his, but I do wish I were more organised so I could enjoy their letters without feeling so guilty.

    By Blogger Bee, at January 12, 2005 at 9:35 p.m.  

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